Lowa Boot wearing Royal Marine Cadets win Gibraltar Cup 2015.

The Gibraltar Cup is presented by the Commandant General Royal Marines and named after the Battle Honour of the Royal Marines. It is awarded annually to the Royal Marines Cadet Detachment (RMCD) which is considered to have attained the highest standard of all round merit in the previous year.

The aim of the Gibraltar Cup Competition is for the best detachment in each Company to compete for the top award for the Royal Marines Cadets of the Sea Cadet Corps. It is held in March (annually) at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM), Lympstone, Devon.

The Gibraltar Cup Competition comprises a series of challenges, tests and assessments to establish which detachment will be the worthy winners of the Gibraltar Cup. While each detachment already nominated is a worthy winner from within its own Company, only a fit, dedicated, well trained and cohesive detachment will take the trophy. Task Force visited the Truro Det on exercise on Dartmoor prior to the competition where they were busy completing, river crossings, personal admin in the field and rope work incorporating the Tyrolean traverse & regains.


The competition was held at CTCRM over the weekend 6th - 8th March and i am pleased to announce that winners of this years competiton are Truro RMCU - Alpha Company.


The Royal Marines & soldiers of tomorrow wearing Lowa boots today !