Are LOWA Military Boots Good For Hot Temperatures?

As a matter of fact, some of our models are designed specifically to be worn in hot climates. We’ll make a few recommendations for our best hot weather military boots in just a second. Before we do so, let’s take a moment to explain the main features that make a military boot suitable for the heat.



When exercising or wearing boots in hot temperatures it’s inevitable that your feet will sweat more than in cooler weather. This is why it’s so important to find a military boot that is breathable, allowing sweat to escape the boot and let air circulate around your feet. A boot that is not breathable will be uncomfortable and could cause your feet to rub or become sore.


Lightweight but durable 

The last thing you need when you’re trying to keep cool in a hot climate is a heavy boot weighing you down and wasting your energy. Hot weather boots should be light to wear in order to help keep your feet cool. That being said, you should never sacrifice durability. A high quality hot weather military boot should be durable and lightweight. If you’re accessing rough terrain, you need your feet to be protected from scrapes and scratches. 



Whatever terrain you’re walking across, it’s essential that your feet and ankles are supported in order to provide comfort, and more importantly, to prevent injury. The performance of the sole unit and the ankle support provided are just a couple of the key features to look out for in this regard. 



Just because the temperature is hot, that doesn’t mean it won’t rain (This is particularly true when we’re talking about the UK summer of course). Depending on the environment you are exercising in, it’s also likely that you’ll come across sources of water that you may have to step through. You really don’t want to end up with soggy feet as this can cause rubbing and discomfort, so make sure that your boots provide the necessary water protection. 


Luckily there are a number of LOWA military boots that benefit from all of the above properties.  In order to help you find the best LOWA military boots for the hot temperatures, we thought we’d pick out a few of our favourite recommendations for you. 

Which LOWA military boots are best for hot temperatures?


LOWA Elite Jungle Boots Black

Worn by British Armed Forces personnel in the jungles of Belize and Brunei, LOWA Jungle Boots are designed to excel in hot and humid environments. Lightweight yet durable, these military boots are made using a combination of full-grain leather and Cordura fabric. These materials work together to offer water-resistance, breathability and protection. A Vibram Aconcagua sole unit offers exceptional traction, perfectly suited to potentially hazardous terrains like that found in jungles and forests. 


LOWA Elite Light Boots Brown

Known for their lightweight feel, these LOWA military boots also benefit from a Vibram Aconcagua sole to offer that all-important comfort and support. A boot relied upon by military personnel, the lightweight feel of the LOWA Elite Light Boot makes it a particularly good choice for tabbing in hot climates. 


LOWA Z8s C Military Boots- Coyote Op

Featuring high-performance fabric elements for enhanced ventilation, the Z8s C also benefit from an exclusive Monowrap Frame to improve durability and enhance the overall protection that the boot is able to offer. Complete with a fabric lining designed for high levels of activity, you can be confident that these boots will be able to withstand the heat. 


LOWA Zephyr Gore-Tex Mid TF Boots- Coyote Op

Lightweight, durable and incredibly versatile, these LOWA Military boots are ideally suited to desert environments making them the perfect choice for use in any hot temperature climate. It’s the LOWA Cross sole that gives them exceptional grip and comfort, whilst the Gore-Tex fabric membrane enhances breathability and offers exceptional water protection.


LOWA Innox Pro Gore-Tex Mid TF Boot

Also benefitting from a breathable Gore-Tex lining, the LOWA Innox Pro is fitted with a LOWA DynaPU midsole in order to provide outstanding cushioning. Abrasion-proof outsoles provide exceptional grip, making this a high-performance hot weather boot that is perfectly suited to an array of hot and humid terrains. 


LOWA Zephyr Mid TF Desert Boots

Ideal for military personnel operating in a lightweight role or for general hiking, these desert boots will keep you comfortable on your feet for long periods of time in spite of the high temperatures. Made from a carefully selected combination of suede and Cordura, this pair of desert boots offer just as much durability as they do breathability. 


LOWA Z8s Gore-Tex Military Boots Brown

Last but certainly not least in our top recommendations for LOWA’s best hot weather military boots are the LOWA Z8s. A ‘hybrid’ boot combining the qualities of a traditional combat boot with that of a multifunctional military boot, the Z8s offer outstanding flexibility and support when you’re exercising in hot climates. They also benefit from a LOWA Cross Duty sole to ensure an outstanding level of traction when moving over rugged terrain. 


If you’re ever unsure which LOWA military boots are most suitable for your requirements, it’s always best to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team who will be able to find the best boot for you. In the meantime and sticking with the theme of hot weather, for more information on the best summer hiking boots from LOWA, take a look at our previous article.