8 Military Podcasts You Need To Listen To In 2021

Jocko Podcast

Hosted by retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink, this podcast discusses discipline and leadership in war, business, relationships and everyday life. It’s an informative military podcast that hosts guests from a wide range of fields and disciplines. Well worth a listen for a whole range of listeners. 

The Weekly Defence Podcast

For anyone who works in the defence sector, is an end-user of military equipment or just has a general interest in the development of defence technologies, this is a podcast you need to be listening to. Featuring insights from international journalists and analysts, this military podcast discusses trends in military technology and the challenges faced by the defence industry. 

Veteran State Of Mind

Hosted by bestselling writer and former infantry soldier Geraint Jones, Veteran State Of Mind delves into the experiences of soldiers, looking at how the military experience shapes attitudes and mindsets going forward. Geraint invites a range of both military and civilian guests onto the show who provide a mix of both serious and lighthearted moments. 

The WW2 Podcast

A military history podcast focussing on all aspects of WW2, each episode introduces a different expert in the field examining various aspects of this historical period. The podcast covers both the tactical side of the war as well as stories from the home front, providing a varied topic base with every episode. 

General Talk

General Talk is a fantastic military podcast that features interviews with figures from the British Army and ABF The Soldiers Charity. The military podcast is broadcast monthly and gives insight into the modern military world, focussing on how the Army’s national charity safeguards the welfare of soldiers, veterans and their families. 

The Centre For Army Leadership Podcast

Drawing on more than 300 years of British Army leadership experience, this military podcast looks at what is required of leaders to meet the challenges of today and the future. It’s a thoughtful listen that harnesses the thoughts and experiences of military leaders but also leaders from the world of sport, academia and business. 

The Tactical Fitness Report With Stew Smith

For those partaking in military workouts or fitness programmes, this military podcast will certainly leave you feeling motivated to achieve your fitness goals. Stew Smith offers fitness advice for those hoping to get to the military selection process or who are currently going through it. 

Tank Nuts

Tank Nuts is an insightful military podcast hosted by Richard Cutland who is a 30 year veteran of the British Army serving with the Royal Tank Regiment. Featuring an array of guests from the military world, this podcast shines the light on some incredible life stories and experiences. 

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