LOWA Ambassador Spotlight: Justin Miles - Explorer & Educator

Justin Miles' Story

Justin Miles has been all over the world, however, it certainly hasn’t been an easy journey. In 1999, Justin was involved in a life-changing car accident that left him with serious brain injuries. As a result of his injuries, Justin was left having to learn how to walk and talk again. Persevering through an incredibly challenging recovery journey, Justin never accepted defeat and instead used his childhood dream of becoming an explorer to motivate himself on the road to recovery. Through sheer grit and determination, Justin Miles is now living his lifelong dream and experiencing some incredible adventures in every corner of the planet. 

His adventures have taken him all over the world through mountain, jungle, desert and polar regions. As a passionate advocate for universal education provision, Justin uses his adventures to support global education projects such as the programme Educate A child and UK education charity Sports Connection Foundation. Justin has spoken on these topics at a range of education and political conferences worldwide.

Where can I follow Justin Miles’ adventures?

Clearly, Justin Miles is a very inspiring individual. Luckily, he shares his experiences and knowledge on a wide range of platforms. You can follow Justin’s adventures via the following channels:


Justin Miles’ very own website contains a range of information on the work he does in education and his multifaceted role as adventurer, explorer and speaker. The website also includes product reviews for the outdoor gear he uses, where you’ll see LOWA boots name-dropped a few times... Justin is a particularly big fan of the LOWA Zephyr GTX Boots which he says ‘gave my feet plenty of support whilst being light on my feet and ultra-comfortable’. You can read Justin Miles’ full review here

Instagram and Twitter

Justin Miles’ Instagram is pretty epic as you can imagine. He shares pictures of his latest adventures, including the gear he’s been wearing and his go-to pieces of outdoor adventure equipment. Justin regularly shares pictures of the LOWA boots he’s been wearing, so be sure to check this out for his top recommendations. His Twitter is just as adventure-based, showcasing Justin’s passions and the current projects he’s been working on. 

Speaking events

Justin also speaks at a range of conferences, award ceremonies, and events on topics ranging from leadership and motivation to his passion for the implementation of universal education provision. He's spoken about his resilient work which crosses into blue light services, SERE, and other military forums. He’s even done a TEDx Talk on the human desire to explore, create and innovate. 

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