Jobs That Require Anti-Slip Safety Boots & Work Shoes

Restaurant Workers

Slips can be a real hazard in restaurants, with dropped food and spilt drink an ever-present threat. For both front and back-of-house staff, anti-slip safety footwear is essential. No matter how clean a restaurant is kept there is always a risk of something being dropped and going unnoticed until it’s too late. Back-of-house staff are more at risk as they work in an environment where wet floors are considered normal and part of the job. Some employers may apply a slip-resistant coating to the floor to try and offset some of the risks, but even if this precaution is taken safety footwear should always be worn.

For restaurant workers the LOWA Leandro Work Lo S3 is the ideal safety shoe, it provides protection against slips, trips, and falls without compromising on comfort. With a smart, black leather outer it looks professional while giving you the support that you need.

Police Officer

Perhaps one of the professions most in need of safety gear, some specialist police officers find themselves in all manner of situations and need footwear that meets their needs specifically. Whether chasing down a wet alley or footpath or simply patrolling through a neighbourhood there is a myriad of dangers from slip hazards to any number of potential falling or crushing hazards. They also have to remain comfortable and supportive over long periods of time and under different uses as an everyday shift for a police officer can involve large stretches of walking, driving, or even just standing in place. Each of these requires a different type of support and comfort and finding the best boot to match every eventuality.

As an all-round excellent safety boot, it is hard to match the utility of the LOWA Seeker Work Pro GTX® Hi S3 CI. A collaboration between LOWA and ELTEN, the LOWA Seeker S3 Pro comes with ergonomic toe protection, non-metallic penetration resistant soles, and a LOWA Work Sport sole for slip resistance all created with only the best materials giving increased wear-resistance, tear-resistance, and shape retention. The LOWA Seeker S3 Pro is a beautifully crafted boot that offers top level protection with incredible comfort and durability combined.


Cleaning jobs by their very nature require you to frequently walk on wet surfaces. The danger of a slip is increased when you factor in the addition of the various chemicals used in the cleaning process. Making sure you have a good, sturdy pair of anti-slip safety boots or work shoes can be the difference between a swiftly and safely completed job and an unfortunate accident that takes up more time and resources to put right.

The LOWA Innox Mid S3 Safety Boots GORE-TEX® is a fantastic choice for anyone in a cleaning profession. The nubuck leather and CORDURA® textile upper are both hydrophobised and wear-resistant giving you protection from the water on the floor and any chemicals that could damage the seams of the boots. With a slip-resistant LOWA Work Sport sole, you also gain abrasion resistance, antistatic, heat resistance to approximately 200° C, and oil and fuel resistance. An all-round work boot that will hold up under anything you encounter while working.

Delivery Drivers

As the number of home delivery options skyrockets so to does the number of people employed to deliver parcels to customers, in turn this increases the number of potential hazards that delivery drivers face. With the all year-round need for delivery drivers and the sharp uptake in deliveries over the winter holiday period more and more delivery companies now require their drivers to have a pair of non-slip safety boots or work shoes. With the added risk for more commercial delivery drivers of heavy loads falling and possibly damage your feet, a well-made pair of safety boots or shoes with toe protection and a non-slip grip will pay for themselves over time.

With driving comfort also a concern the LOWA RENEGADE Work GTX® Black Lo S3 CI Safety Shoes cover all your safety needs without a drop in comfort and manoeuvrability. A low top safety shoe with slip resistance and anti-static qualities, it also comes equipped with a GORE-TEX® lining and ergonomically-shaped steel toecap. This gives the shoe incredible protection while maximising comfort.


Slipping while carrying the heavy loads required in any contracting job can be exceedingly dangerous, and this goes double for any contracting work at height such as roofing. Having so many potential risk factors around all contractors should be equipped to minimise the danger to themselves and others and the right safety boots are one of the key steps towards this. Working in construction exposes you to a multitude of dangers not just slip hazards, such as sharp objects and falling materials.

The LOWA Seeker S3 Safety Boots GORE-TEX® are capable of protecting your feet with a combination of a steel toe cap to resist pressure and impacts and a corrosion-resistant stainless steel midsole to prevent penetration through the sole. This is on top of the slip-resistant, antistatic, abrasion-resistant, heat-resistant, and flexible at cold temperature sole.

Prison Officer

Prison Officers face numerous hazards in their day-to-day roles, mitigating slip hazards can drastically minimise the amount of risk they expose themselves to. With patrols required through all areas of the prison, including kitchens and showers, and the potential for non-standard situations such as flooding, the requirements for prison officer footwear are exceptionally high. When you also take into account the propensity of long shifts with short breaks the build quality, support, and comfort of the boots is also incredibly important.

Depending on uniform requirements regarding hi or low boots, the choice for prison guards should be between the LOWA Seeker S3 Safety Boots GORE-TEX® Black or the LOWA Leandro Work Pro GORE-TEX® Lo S3 CI Safety Shoe. Both of these anti-slip safety boots also come with penetration resistant midsoles, steel toe caps, and GORE-TEX® linings for maximum comfort.


When it comes to safety at work, a pair of non-slip work shoes or boots are a small price to pay for peace of mind and to keep yourself safe and healthy. We recently wrote about the UK's Health & Safety Footwear Regulations so if you think that your workplace should be providing you with protective footwear as part of your job, make sure you give it a read.