Brown LOWA Z-6S GORE-TEX® Boots by Combat & Survival

I have owned Lowa combat boots for a hell of a long time, and indeed even though my pair of old ‘white collar’ combat boots has seen several Arctic exercises and endured plenty of wet weather assignments on many of Britain’s most inhospitable training areas, where saturated peat bogs try to do their best to break down the toughest of leather, I still carry them around with me as back-up field footwear during the wet season.

The Z-6S GTX boot from Lowa is, as the nomenclature suggests, a 6-inch version of their Z-8S which the manufacturer describes as being a multi-functional four - season hybrid boot. Although lightweight and in some aspects more like a trekking boot than a combat boot, this split leather and fabric upper construction model employs the new generation GORE-TEX® MS Light Rock four-ply seam sealed bootie construction lining to keep the foot dry. The injected composite sole of this slip-lasted boot uses Lowa’s own Cross Duty hiking-oriented tread design which the company claims gives “very good traction on diverse terrain”. So far I have to agree with Lowa on this one.

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