LOWA Mountain GORE-TEX® Boot Advert. Combat & Survival - February

LOWA Mountain GORE-TEX® Brown Boots

Also available as black police boots, the brown-coloured LOWA Mountain boot has a full grain leather upper and is made using GORE-TEX® performance comfort technology. This GORE-TEX® provides these mountain boots with reliable waterproofing and weatherproofing, not to mention increased breathability and enhanced comfort for their wearers. Designed to be versatile and perfect for wearing on rough, inhospitable terrain, these all-round LOWA military boots excel when worn alongside ATACS, MTP, DPM, multicam, and other camouflage patterns.

With each pair weighing in at approximately 1750g, these LOWA Military boots also feature Vibram® "Tsavo" soles to help absorb the small shocks that come with every step. The shock absorbing areas of the boots are particularly focused around the midsole, where most of the strain is usually placed. This not only helps wearers stay on their feet for longer, but will also reduce the discomfort that is generally felt the day after a long walk.

Vibram® Tsavo soles also have an angled heel design that provides feet with a natural-feeling bed to sit on, further enhancing the comfort they provide. Lastly, these soles possess a remarkable level of grip to ensure that their wearers are safe and steady on their feet, no matter the weather or the topography of the landscape they find themselves on.

LOWA Desert Elite Brown Boots

Designed to provide the military with footwear that would feel at home in the deserts of Afghanistan and the Middle East, the LOWA Desert Elite military boot was designed to complement the MTP camouflage uniform adopted by the UK MOD in April 2010. Whilst undoubtedly influenced by the LOWA Mountain boot, the Desert Elite military boot is quite a bit different from its older brother, with the most notable difference being the absence of the GORE-TEX® lining.

Due to its predominant use in barren environments, the benefits of a waterproof GORE-TEX® lining would be lost on the LOWA Desert Elite; which instead makes use of a polyester 3D air mesh Cambrelle® lining. Built with reliability and longevity in mind, Cambrelle® technology provides a number of benefits for the boot’s wearer to make the most of; including enhanced comfort, abrasion resistance, and moisture management.

Like the Mountain boot, LOWA Desert Elite Military boots have Vibram® soles, but instead of the 'Tsavo' they make use of the MVS variant. Vibram® MVS soles are built with a tread that goes a long way toward supporting the boot’s stability and has special stud configuration that is perfectly suited to roll-through and push-off motions. Made from soft rubber, these Vibram soles also augment the wearer’s comfort and ward away fatigue.

The advert for these two boots currently showing in Combat & Survival magazine can be seen below:

LOWA Military Boots Advert

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