How To Prepare LOWA Military Boots For Winter

Assess Your Boots

First things first, check the condition of your boots. There’s no point spending time and money worrying about accessories and boot treatments if the boots aren’t in a state to last through the winter anyway. Make sure the treads aren’t too worn and give the boots a once over with a wet cloth or even with the LOWA Shoe Clean Boot Cleaning Spray which will give the leather a quick buff and make sure it doesn’t dry out.

Using our LOWA Triangular Boot Cleaning Brush to get into all the hard to reach corners will let you get a good look at the seams and joints to ensure you’re not going to run into any leaks. Finally, check your laces, they can easily end up fraying or snapping if not cared for properly after a period of disuse. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered for replacements with our wide range of LOWA Military Boot Laces, available in any colour you could realistically need them in.

Treat Your Boots

Now that you’ve given your boots a quick clean and know they’re not going to let you down it’s time to make sure they maintain that condition. At LOWA we’ve developed our own LOWA Active Cream which is a treatment that can be applied to both leather and GORE-TEX fabric that will add a waterproofing layer while still letting the material breathe. We also have our own LOWA Water Stop Pro Spray which creates a water, oil, and dirt-repellent layer without compromising the breathability of the fabrics to really fight against anything that winter has to offer.


Everyone knows the importance of socks when it comes to making sure your boots are offering you the comfort and support you need. What people tend to neglect is how the colder weather can change what you want from a sock. WoolFusion® provides a dense cushioning for improved warmth and impact resistance and Bridgedale WoolFusion® Summit Socks and Bridgedale WoolFusion® Trekker Socks use this technology to give you the best performance available in winter and at any other time you’re facing colder conditions.

Socks can also add another layer of waterproofing and the Sealskinz Hiking Mid-Knee Waterproof Socks and Sealskinz Hiking Mid Mid Waterproof Socks balance waterproofing with breathability, comfort, and warmth in mind to create something truly special. Using a Merino wool lining and with an elasticated ankle and instep, the blend of comfort and utility is perfect for anyone knowing they’ll encounter wet conditions.


We always recommend a good insole to give you additional comfort in your military boots and as with everything else, this is made even truer in the winter months. Insoles help with absorbing pressure to increase your comfort which is more prevalent as the cold weather saps your enjoyment of the outdoors. For winter especially LOWA recommends the LOWA Insulate Pro Winter Footbed and the LOWA Climate Control Footbed which will give you added comfort while still carrying any excess moisture away from the foot, something which is incredibly useful with the layers you’ll have between your skin and the air.


As the outer layer between your boots and the elements gaiters are an often overlooked solution to the battering that boots can take over winter. Many LOWA boots are manufactured to excel in any weather and hold up to all conditions, but with the way that winter weather has been growing more unpredictable and extreme in recent years the extra protection isn’t something to be ignored. Berghaus Yeti Gaiters use a GORE-TEX® layer to provide durable, breathable, waterproof protection that you can rely on while still allowing perspiration escape and keep your feet dry on the inside of the boots. By adding another line of defence between your boots and the environment you can prolong the longevity of your boots and cut down on maintenance time without compromise.