What Are The Benefits Of LOWA Water Stop Eco?

If wet and wintry conditions are getting you down or you have recently invested in a new pair of LOWA boots, you might be considering ways that you can increase the durability of your footwear and make your boots last even longer than they already will. 

LOWA Water Stop Eco is the latest essential waterproofing treatment from LOWA and an upgraded version of the popular LOWA Water Stop Pro spray. This 200ml waterproofing spray works to create a hydrophobic layer on the top of your boots, banishing moisture to keep your feet and your footwear in tip-top condition. But this just scratches the surface of why LOWA Water Stop Eco is the best choice if you are looking for a waterproofing spray for your boots. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of this product.

Water, Oil & Dirt Repellent

While LOWA boots are naturally able to withstand tough conditions thanks to technologies like GORE-TEX, it’s important that you do what you can to enhance the existing durability and water resistance of your footwear. The use of a waterproofing treatment like LOWA Water Stop Eco can do exactly that, creating a layer that not only prevents water from getting in the boots but also repels oil and dirt. This extends the life of your footwear by restricting the speed at which natural wear and tear can take hold of your boots. 

Improves Boot Breathability

Over time, military boots and hiking boots will lose their breathability. As they inevitably get soaked in water, it becomes increasingly difficult for your footwear to fend off the elements and regulate the temperature of the wearer’s feet. This can lead to blisters, injury and discomfort due to excess moisture, so you must take preventative measures to prevent physical issues from arising. Fortunately, the hydrophobic layer created by LOWA Water Stop Eco prevents this moisture from getting into the boots in the first place, improving boot breathability to keep you on your feet time and time again.

Suitable For Any Boots

Unlike some popular waterproofing treatments, one of the best things about LOWA Water Stop Eco is that it can be used on any boots. The colour does not matter, nor does the material; this spray is suitable for leather or other fabrics and works just as well on your hiking boots or climbing boots as it does on military footwear. This multi-functionality means that you can treat your footwear worry-free and don’t need to waste time looking for a new treatment every time you upgrade to a different type of boots. 

Easy To Apply

Whatever kind of boots you do have, applying LOWA Water Stop Eco is easy. Clean your boots thoroughly then, when they are still slightly damp, spray the LOWA Water Stop Eco all over from a distance of 20-25cms. Application should take just minutes, after which you should leave the boots in a well-ventilated place for 24 hours. We suggest applying LOWA Active Creme after a day has passed and then you’re good to go - it’s really that simple, so there’s no excuse for not keeping your boots in great condition!

Eco Friendly 

The clue is in the name, but one of the stand-out features of LOWA Water Stop Eco is the product’s sustainability. One of the key differences between this new waterproofing spray and the original Water Stop Pro is that the product is entirely water-based and PFC-free. The result is a product that will give your boots a new lease of life, all without harming the environment you’ll use them in: a win-win.