What Are The Advantages Of Gore-Tex Technology?

From mountain-proof jackets to the range of LOWA military boots in stock here at Taskforce Distribution, GORE-TEX technology has rapidly become synonymous with quality in the world of outdoor gear. But what actually is GORE-TEX and why is it so popular with both manufacturers and wearers alike? 

Created in 1969, GORE-TEX is a patented fabric made from a microporous fabric called expanded polytetrafluoroethylene, also known as PTFE. This might all sound remarkably complicated, but what you really need to know about PTFE is that its exceptionally strong and its microporous properties essentially form a barrier to water. In other words, GORE-TEX technology is perfectly suited to withstand whatever the outdoors can throw at it. Let’s take a closer look at the many advantages of GORE-TEX technology:

Superior Waterproofing

As we’ve touched upon, GORE-TEX technology utilises the microporous nature of PTFE to create a barrier to water. In fact, it’s practically impossible for water to penetrate the PTFE membrane (unless this water is in fact vapour, more to come on this shortly…). One of the main advantages of GORE-TEX technology is therefore its exceptional waterproofing capabilities. Whether it’s raining, snowing, or somewhere in between, GORE-TEX products keep the user dry to offer levels of comfort that other materials simply cannot compete with.

Clever Breathability

While keeping water out is crucial, maintaining breathability is equally important to prevent sweat and heat from building up inside outdoor clothing and footwear. Another advantage of GORE-TEX technology is that it allows for the efficient exchange of moisture vapour. Although PTFE stops water in its liquid form from getting through, it allows water as vapour to pass to the outside of the shoe. For example, GORE-TEX-equipped boots will keep the feet dry when wading through puddles or rivers but equally ensure that the wearer does not overheat as perspiration created through inevitable physical exertion can escape from the boot.

Suitable For All Conditions

The unique combination of durability, waterproofing and breathability makes GORE-TEX a truly versatile material and therefore well worth the investment as you can utilise GORE-TEX gear across all kinds of activities. Whether you are military personnel with a range of outdoor hobbies or simply want to benefit from reliable clothing in everyday situations, GORE-TEX technology provides the certainty that you will be dry and comfortable no matter the conditions or situation. This is why many LOWA military boots can also double up as exceptional hiking boots, whether you need to stay dry in winter or moisture-free when it hots up.


GORE-TEX technology also offers impressive windproofing capabilities alongside its waterproof, durability and breathable properties. This advantage of GORE-TEX technology makes it particularly popular in outdoor jackets as the membrane acts as a barrier against wind chill, effectively reducing the impact of cold air on the body in rough and blustery conditions. 


With so many clear advantages, it is unsurprising that GORE-TEX technology leads the way among high-performance outdoor gear. By offering unparalleled waterproofing, breathability and durability, GORE-TEX has changed the way that we can enjoy the outdoors for both leisure and work. 

If you are keen to embrace the advantages of GORE-TEX technology for your next pair of footwear, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team here at Taskforce Distribution. We stock a complete range of LOWA boots, many of which utilise GORE-TEX to offer unrivalled comfort to military personnel and outdoor enthusiasts alike.