5 Reasons Why You Need A Pair Of Berghaus Yeti Gaiters This Winter

As winter approaches, anyone who spends a serious amount of time outdoors will be starting to switch over to their go-to autumn/winter equipment. Whether on military exercise or hiking closer to home, being appropriately protective is essential for staying safe in the colder conditions and you will need high-quality equipment that you can rely on.

Alongside appropriate layers, winterproof boots, a warmers hat and a comfortable pair of gloves, gaiters are an incredibly useful piece of kit for staying comfortable in winter. Gaiters offer invaluable protection from the elements in adverse conditions. There are a number of popular brands and styles out there, but it is Berghaus Yeti Gaiters that stand head and shoulders above the rest. It’s not just by chance that anybody who wears Berghaus Yeti Gaiters will swear by them in winter, here’s why.

Totally Waterproof

Wet and snowy conditions are one of the main problems you might have to tackle in winter. Wading through water, mud or slush can get your legs and feet wet, but this may lead to serious discomfort and even injury. Fortunately, Berghaus Yeti Gaiters are made from three layers of GORE-TEX fabric to offer a completely waterproof seal between your knee and sole. This means that you can count on this pair of gaiters to keep you completely dry no matter what the more unpredictable upcoming months might wish to throw at you.


With water kept well away from your feet thanks to your gaiters, you will also want to be certain that your equipment can deal with any moisture that you might create. The extra layer of insulation offered by a pair of gaiters is vital for retaining body heat but you don’t want to run the risk of overheating when moisture and sweat are inevitably created by intense activity. One of the main benefits of Berghaus Yeti Gaiters is that the GORE-TEX fabric is as breathable as it is waterproof, meaning that excess moisture can quickly escape from a technologically advanced membrane so you stay dry in every sense of the word.

Easy & Secure Fit

For their weather-proofing properties to work effectively, gaiters need to fit securely and snuggly. The Berghaus Yeti Gaiters certainly deliver on this front as they are full-fronted, sitting comfortably above the knee with easy-to-use and practical fastenings. A front zip and storm fat keep the gaiter fastened over the top of your boot, while an adjustable drawcord allows you to ensure the material stays tight without impractical movement or slippage. 

Durable Rand

One of the most important parts of a pair of gaiters is the rand which attaches the gaiter to your boots. In winter, it’s particularly important that the rand is durable and weatherproof or the other benefits of your gaiters are made instantly redundant, so avoid cutting costs by choosing something flimsy or thin. The rand of the Berghaus Yeti Gaiters is constructed from innovative SkyWalk rubber that is both incredibly tough and durable, but also easy to replace should the time ever come. This means that you can count on the quality of this pair of gaiters, also safe in the knowledge that you won’t need to purchase an entirely new pair in the years to come when you’ve worn them in all extremes.

Perfect Paired With LOWA Boots

If you’ve followed any of our advice in the past, there’s a high chance that you’ll be the proud owner of a pair of LOWA boots. Each piece of your outdoor equipment should complement rather than clash, so it’s no coincidence that we are recommending Berghaus Yeti Gaiters as well. These gaiters are tried and tested alongside our range of LOWA boots, guaranteeing you comfortable and correctly fitting protection that enhances the waterproofing and weather-resistant qualities already present within your footwear.