4 Essential LOWA Boot Care Products For The Cold Weather

LOWA military boots are incredibly durable in their own right - robust production methods and use of specialist sole technology ensure this. However, when taking on the cold and wet weather that winter brings, it’s always a sensible idea to give your boots a little extra protection. In order to winter-proof your military boots we’d recommend using the following LOWA boot care products:

Triangular Cleaning Brush

In order to protect the quality of the leather, it’s always important to keep your LOWA military boots clean, and the winter is no exception to this. Before applying any cleaning sprays, it’s important to remove any surface dirt using a brush. The triangular cleaning brush features three different sides - a nylon and brass nap, a rubber buff and an eraser. This enables you to eliminate mud and stains whilst reinvigorating worn boots. Use the brush to get into the seams and joints of the boots to ensure that you’re not going to run into any leaks in the wet weather.        Triangular boot cleaning brush on a white background

Boot Cleaning Spray

Once you’ve removed the initial layers of dirt, and before applying further protective treatments, we’d always advise giving your boots a thorough clean using the LOWA cleaning spray. This LOWA boot care product is made from 90% natural ingredients, including bamboo extract, meaning it is almost completely free of raw chemical materials. Aside from its cleaning properties, this product will also moisturise the leather ensuring it doesn’t dry out in the cold. 

         LOWA boot cleaning spray on a white background

LOWA Active Creme

Designed to enhance the properties of Gore-Tex fabric and leather, this LOWA boot care product, available in black or neutral, adds an extra layer of waterproofing whilst still enabling the fabric to breathe. This is really important for protecting the outside of your boots from wet weather and snow. The active creme keeps the leather supple over the long term whilst preventing the leather from drying out and becoming brittle. 

  LOWA active creme in black on a white background

Water Pro Stop Spray 

The water pro stop spray can be applied while the boots are still damp and work best when the pores of the leather are still open. The spray impregnates the leather in order to create a water, oil and dirt repellent layer that conditions the leather whilst ensuring it maintains its breathability. The extra protection provided by this LOWA boot care product is particularly important for taking on the harsher conditions that cold weather brings. Once you’ve applied the waterproofing treatment you’ll need to wait 24 hours before wearing your military boots to enable the treatment to take effect. During this period, make sure to store the boots in a dry, well-ventilated area.

   LOWA water pro stop spray on a white background

Caring For Your LOWA Boots Throughout The Winter

When wearing your boots in cold weather, it’s really important to maintain a regular cleaning schedule. Whilst you don’t need to deep-clean your military boots after every use, it’s important to prevent the build up of dirt, and ensure that you always leave them in a dry, well-ventilated area to dry out after every use. Storing your boots away whilst they're still damp can damage the leather. Re-apply the protective LOWA boot care products after every few uses to ensure you’re winter-proofing the leather as much as possible. 

For more information on using LOWA boot care products or for further guidance on how to care for lowa boots during the winter please don’t hesitate to call us on +44 (0)1752 344355 or email [email protected].

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