10 Military Podcasts You Need To Listen To In 2023

Anyone who has come to the LOWA Military Boots blog before will know just how much we love a Podcast, but it goes without saying that Military podcasts are our favourite. Informative and entertaining, military podcasts cover an incredibly wide variety of topics, from military history and strategy to veteran experiences and interviews. We have recommended a number of military podcasts in the past, but we're always listening to more and have also received some recommendations too, so here are ten military podcasts you need to listen to in 2023.

The Spear

Hosted by two US Marines, The Spear is a podcast from the Modern War Institute At West Point and features interviews with veterans about their experiences in combat. It covers topics ranging from practical advice on serious issues such as how to cope with PTSD to philosophical musings on the meaning of service and the like. The hosts do an excellent job of creating an inviting space for veterans to share their stories, making it an incredibly engaging and entertaining listen.

Angry Planet (née War College)

If you're looking for a podcast that dives into the nitty-gritty of military strategy, world conflicts, and history, then Angry Planet (previously War College) is for you. Hosted by two military experts, Matthew Gault and Jason Fields, this podcast covers a wide range of topics from the history of special forces around the globe to how the quickening pace of technological advancements will affect the future of warfare.

War Stories 

The War Stories Podcast by the Angry Staff Officer blends humor and history to create an enjoyable listen that even those who aren't or haven't ever been in the military can enjoy. Hosted by a relatable yet curmudgeonly army officer, this military podcast covers a number of subjects including military tactics, leadership, individual experiences, and the daily trials and tribulations facing those serving today.


SOFREP Radio is a military podcast that focuses on special forces and the intelligence community. Hosted by American and Coalition military and Special Operations veterans, this podcast aims to deliver "military grade content" and has been doing so since 2012.  In addition to covering current events and historical topics, SOFREP radio also provides expert analysis and award-winning documentaries. While the content they put out is remarkably entertaining and informative, it's not as accessible as some of the other military podcasts mentioned above or below. Still, it's perfect for us. 

The Principles of War

The Principles of War is a podcast that explores the fundamental concepts of warfare in digestible 30-minute bursts. Hosted by an Australian army officer, the podcast covers topics like maneuver warfare, logistics, and the art of command, as well as more specialist topics such as military innovations and Centre of Gravity (CoG) analysis

Pete & Gary’s Military History 

As the name suggests, this military history podcast focuses on the history of warfare and is hosted by Peter Hart and Gary Bain. This podcast is less diverse than many of the others but covers a wide range of areas within its particular niche, from ancient battles all the way through to modern conflicts. It doesn’t just provide surface-level coverage either, with each episode delivering a deep dive into the lives of individuals who were around to witness events first hand. 

The Dead Prussian 

Named after Carl von Clausewitz - a Prussian Officer during the Napoleonic War and the military theorist behind the Centre of Gravity concept linked to above - The Dead Prussian podcast explores the concepts of strategy and warfare. Hosted by Afghanistan veteran and military historian, Mick Cook, the podcast covers topics like the nature of war, the role of intelligence in warfare, and the art of military leadership.

The Centre for Army Leadership Podcast

Hosted by the Centre for Army Leadership (CAL) - the institution responsible for developing and delivering leadership training for the British Army - this military podcast focuses on the importance of leadership both within the British Army and in a wider context. Featuring thought-provoking interviews with leaders from various disciplines and walks of life, the insights into leadership theory and practice that this podcast offers would be invaluable to anybody in a leadership role whether they're a shift manager, business owner, or army officer.

Zero Blog Thirty

Zero Blog Thirty offers a unique perspective that blends humor and military topics in a way that's actually very enjoyable to listen to without detracting from any of the seriousness. Hosted by two former U.S. Marines, the podcast includes coverage of current events, interviews with veterans and active-duty service members, and general insights into military life. Overall, it's a great podcast to listen to if you're looking for a military podcast that's engaging and informative but will also make you laugh.

Tank Nuts

Hosted by Richard Cutland, a British Army veteran who served with the Royal Tank Regiment, Tank Nuts is a great listen for anybody interested in military history and technology. With a focus on tanks and other armored vehicles, this military podcast offers detailed discussions of their development, design, and use in conflicts throughout history. It also features interviews with experts and enthusiasts, as well as visits to museums and events related to armored vehicles. 


These ten military podcasts offer a diverse range of topics and perspectives on military history, strategy, and current events. Whether you're a history buff, a veteran, or just curious about the world of military affairs, there's something for everyone on this list. So grab your headphones and start listening!