The Best LOWA Safety Boots 2024

When it comes to purchasing a new pair of safety boots, quality is essential. Long days on-site or at work call not just for comfort but also for protection and a cheap pair of boots simply won’t cut it. You’ll need footwear that is built to last and meet the crucial EN ISO 20345 S3 standards. 

This is where LOWA safety boots come in. With 100 years of manufacturing history, LOWA has created some of the very best boots in the military and hiking market. The LOWA safety boots range is no different and could well be the perfect choice if you are looking to upgrade your footwear in 2024. Hard-wearing, multi-functional and breathable, here are the top models which are stocked and available via Taskforce Distribution right now:

LOWA Renegade Work GORE-TEX Mid Safety Boots

Certified as S3 safety footwear under EN ISO 20345 standards, the LOWA Renegade Work GORE-TEX Black Mid Safety Boots are the complete safety boot. This popular pair of LOWA safety boots is incredibly adaptable and therefore perfect for use in a whole range of working environments, including indoors and outdoors as well as extreme weather conditions. 

The Renegade boots are also packed with innovative technology, including a GORE-TEX lining which offers superior protection from water absorption and penetration to keep feet dry, comfortable and, crucially, injury-free. The stand-out feature, however, is the Vibram outsoles coupled with MONOWRAP technology. These soles act as a first defence against slips, trips and falls, with exceptional heat, chemical and abrasion resistance. There’s very little that these boots cannot hold up against and therefore they make the perfect choice for anybody looking for an all-round safety boot upgrade in 2024.

LOWA Leandro Work LX Pro GTX Mid S3 Safety Boots

If discomfort is pushing you towards the idea of getting new safety boots this year, the Leandro Work LX Pro is one of the very best options out there. These specialist LOWA safety boots are as comfortable as they come, offering a unique padded upper edge that carefully cushions and protects the Achilles tendon when you are on your feet for lengthy periods. The Achilles support is also further enhanced by a fully padded tongue that prevents pressure marks and stops you from having to fiddle about loosening the laces to get a fit that feels right.

Just like the Renegade safety boots, the Leandro LOWA safety boots also feature an advanced GORE-TEX lining which fends off moisture and allows the feet to breathe. Where the soles are concerned, a 100% metal-free midsole offers 100% coverage to keep the feet as protected as possible. A LOWA Larrox outsole finishes off the boot with vital anti-slip and antistatic properties for enhanced safety.

LOWA Seeker Work LX Pro GTX S3 Safety Boots

The LOWA Seeker boots are another unique addition to LOWA’s fantastic safety boot range. Again offering complete protection, these safety boots feature an advanced hydrophised suede upper which has undergone treatments to increase resilience and prolonged exposure to water. This makes this pair of footwear the perfect choice of safety footwear for anybody working in and around water regularly, or anybody who finds themselves continually exposed to the elements on the job. 

In addition to the high levels of waterproofing offered by this boot, the LOWA Seeker also fends off everything else you’d expect your safety boots to protect you from. This includes dirt, thanks to a fully padded tongue, as well as heat, with an outsole resistant to temperatures as high as 200°c.

So there you have it, the best LOWA safety boots out there at the moment. If you need any guidance when it comes to choosing the right pair for your own requirements and line of work, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team.