Do LOWA Safety Boots Make Good Summer Work Boots?

The best summer work boots need to be lightweight and breathable, without compromising on the protection and durability that they offer to users. LOWA safety boots are known for the comprehensive protection and comfort that they provide, but are they good summer work boots? 

Our safety boots are built to perform exceptionally all year round. This means that they can be relied upon for use in the summer just as much as they can during the winter. Let’s take a closer look at what makes our safety boots the best summer work boots:


As we mentioned a little earlier on, it’s essential that summer work boots are cooling, ensuring that feet can breathe in hot weather. That’s why, in order to ensure our safety boots are fit for the warmer weather, they have a Gore-Tex® performance comfort lining. This technology allows moisture and sweat to escape the boot, preventing discomfort or blisters caused by the build-up of perspiration. It’s also important for helping users feel fresher and odour free throughout the working day. What’s clever about the Gore-Tex® lining is that it also prevents water from getting inside the boot. This is important in preparing the boot for all weathers, both in summer and winter.

Lightweight Design

When you’re working on your feet all day, the last thing you need is a heavy pair of boots weighing you down and making your job even harder, particularly when the weather’s hot. One of the reasons that LOWA’s range of safety footwear is so well suited for use as summer work boots is because of its emphasis on lightweight design. All materials that make up the boot have been selected in order to minimise weight and maximise performance. For example, the penetration protection used in many of our boot models including the LOWA Renegade Work Gore-Tex® Black Mid S3 CI and the LOWA Innox Work Mid Gore-Tex® Safety Boot S3, is metal-free, making it much lighter than a steel midsole, as well as more flexible. 

                                    LOWA Renegade Work Gore-Tex® Black Mid S3 CI on a white background             

Flexibility & Comfort

Stiffness and heaviness are not two properties that you want to see in summer work boots. Flexibility is key, which is why our lightweight work boots contain various specialist features to ensure users can move about freely, whilst ensuring their feet remain comfortable and supported. This includes ergonomically shaped steel toe caps that provide the toes with plenty of room for movement, whilst still offering the vital impact protection that is required of a safety boot. Other features, such as the Vibram Monowrap sole technology used in the Boreas Work GTX® Mid S3 offers anti-static protection, keeping feet comfortable, whilst also providing a high level of grip.

                                               Boreas Work GTX® Mid S3 on a white background

Uncompromising Protection

As we highlighted at the beginning of this article, it’s crucial that summer work boots don’t compromise on protection and durability in favour of being lightweight and breathable. The best summer work boots should balance these properties. LOWA have worked hard to develop work boots that provide ultimate protection whilst ensuring comfort and breathability for users. This is what makes them the perfect summer work boots. All our safety boots have the relevant EN ISO code assigned to them. These codes have been developed by the International Organisation for Standardization, and summarise the degree of protection offered by a boot (for those buying their footwear in Europe or from a European brand).All designs are made using the most durable materials including full grain cowhide leather, hydrophised nubuck leather and Cordura®. 

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