Where Are LOWA Boots Made?

LOWA is a company that’s been proudly steeped in tradition since 1923. Founded by Lorenz Wagner who set up a small shoemaker’s shop at his parent’s home in Jetzendorf, Bavaria. LOWA has evolved into one of the world’s leading producers of outdoor footwear. The past 100 years of LOWA have certainly been eventful - from changes in management and new acquisitions, to showing resilience through some of the past century’s most challenging periods, LOWA certainly has a rich history that’s all contributed to make it what it is today. However, in spite of these changes through time, a few things have stayed the same - that’s the quality and detail of the footwear, and where it’s made. 

So, where are LOWA boots made? The LOWA headquarters remain in the village of Jetzendorf where it all began a century ago. From start to finish, LOWA footwear is 100% designed, sourced and handcrafted in factories in Europe. By planning, designing and manufacturing their products exclusively in Europe, they can ensure their strict quality control standards are upheld as all boots are manufactured under stringent EU regulations. This includes a commitment to clean manufacturing, minimal waste and fair labour practices. Reflecting these efforts, LOWA has been granted ISO 9001 status for the highest quality construction and process standards.

So, we’ve answered the question of “where are LOWA boots made”, but you’re likely to be wondering how they are made? Never settling for second best, all LOWA boots are handcrafted to ensure they meet the company’s meticulous standards. This involves the following processes:

  • European cow hides are carefully selected, and are always free from pollutants in line with the company’s commitment to sustainability

  • The leather is cut precisely using a hydraulic press

  • The cut leather is sewn together using an industrial sewing machine, alongside any technical linings such as Gore-Tex®

  • An exclusive spray on glueing process is used to fix the material to the outsole, ensuring maximum durability without sacrificing breathability

  • A last (foot shaped form) is made from wood or plastic and is used to shape the uppers 

  • The upper is fastened using cement or tacks onto an insole that's been placed on the last. The outsole will later be attached to this same insole

  • LOWA’s hallmark rubber rand (protective edging) is mounted between the outsole and upper material, protecting the edges of the leather from moisture and damage

  • The soles are pre-treated (usually equipped with a cushioning Polyurethane (PU) midsole), before being cemented onto the footwear with a pneumatic press

  • The last is then pulled out of the finished footwear before the boots go through final quality control checks, ready to be packed and shipped

Where To Buy LOWA Boots

When answering the question of “where are LOWA boots made”, we emphasised the importance of them being made exclusively in Europe. However that doesn’t mean that you need to live in Europe in order to buy LOWA boots as they are shipped out across the globe. In the UK, LOWA boots are available to buy from Task Force Distribution, including military boots, police boots and safety boots. For help choosing and buying your boots, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on +44 (0)1752 344355, or email us at [email protected]