What To Look For In Military Boots For Cadets


The fit of a boot is always going to be a primary concern and that’s only made more relevant when you take into account the constant growth spurts teenagers go through. Finding a boot that is going to provide enough support while still leaving room for a bit of growth is difficult but not impossible and as long as width doesn’t become an issue a well-measured insole will solve a lot of issues and save a lot of money going forward.


Being a Cadet in the UK means being prepared for wet conditions. Keeping your feet dry is a key part of maintaining your health and a well-selected, appropriate pair of boots is the best step towards doing it.


Army Cadets, CCF, Royal Marine Cadets or the ATC follow the same strict uniform rules as all other members of the Armed Forces and this includes boots. Make sure that you’re aware of the rules and understand what will fall within them before making a purchase that you later regret.


Military boots come with a wide array of treads available with some more suited to certain conditions than others. For Cadet boots our recommendation would always be to look for some boots with an easy clean tread, Cadets have to learn to keep their kit clean and serviceable but giving them a helping hand early on is always worth trying.


It’s no great surprise that teenagers tend to go through things faster than anyone would think possible and the wear and tear that Military boots are put through are no exception. What this means is that finding a pair that can stand up to the rigours of cadet training on top of being owned and used by a teenager makes all the difference. Choosing the right materials can be a balancing act between comfort and durability and it is well worth spending some time to check your options and find the right blend for your Cadet and your wallet.


The likelihood is your Cadet will go through a number of pairs of boots throughout their training. With this in mind, you always want to be looking to get value for money with each purchase. Boots that cost you a fortune to replace every 6 months as the size becomes a problem aren’t going to be cost-effective in the long run. The same can be said for the other side of the scale as well, buying a pair of boots that falls apart after two weeks isn’t going to be economical either.

Cadet boots are always going to be a difficult purchase with so many things to balance, but the right option for you is definitely out there. Ask around, either the other cadets or at any reputable boot seller and you’ll always be able to find some information to help you out.

LOWA Military Boots For Army Cadets

LOWA Elite Light Military Boots

LOWA Military boots have been designed to provide active servicemen and women with all the support and comfort they could possibly need. While they may offer a little more than is strictly necessary, Cadets will undoubtedly benefit from a pair of LOWA boots like the LOWA Elite Light. Available in 2 colours, the black LOWA Elite Light is available in limited sizes and the LOWA Elite Light in brown comes in 15 sizes between UK 6 and UK13. The Elite Light is renowned for its simplicity and comfort, and, as the name suggests, it’s lightweight.

At the time of writing this article, both colours are also on special offer, making now a great time to order a pair or two of LOWA Elite Light military boots.