LOWA Boots Used In The Gunman Movie - Sean Penn

The Sean Penn movie "The Gunman" contained boots provided by www.lowamilitaryboots.com (Task Force Distribution Ltd.). Sean Penn was supplied with a couple of pairs of our best selling boots; the LOWA Zephyr desert boots. The LOWA Zephyr desert boots supplied to Sean Penn are seen during the trailer for the movie at about (1:41).

The Gunman movie was released on 20th March 2015, Sean Penn is an international spy who must clear his name in order to save himself from the organisation that he used to work for.

A little bit about LOWA Zephyr Boots

Highly rated by both UK & US SF alike the LOWA Zephyr desert boots fulfil the requirement for those operating in a lightweight role. Ideal for CLP drivers, office based personnel, air crew, medics etc and for all those whose role isn’t direct patrolling on the ground day in day out. They have a slip lasted injected sole with MONOWRAP® construction (A firm 7/8 TPU stabiliser) that is stable and offers optimal traction and perfect support with its high-quality surface materials.