LOWA Boots’ Exclusive Monowrap® Frame Technology, What Is It?

Monowrap® is a unique construction process in which the rubber is moulded into a polyurethane stability frame (or a TPU frame). The TPU frame is usually a layer of soft cushioning that is not connected with the rubber outsole in quite such a durable way, leading to a shorter life for a boot. Monowrap® Frame Technology employs injection (either single or double injection) moulding, as it offers LOWA boots flexibility in the design of the TPU frame. Lowa can use multiple materials at the same time and provides a reliable level of consistency. The fast and efficient production injection moulding offers is another benefit of this proven practice - Lowa can manufacture approx 60,000 pairs a week.

Another characteristic of this approach is that it forms an outer protective element. This can be harnessed into the very design of LOWA military, tactical and outdoor boots in order to maximise its potential lifespan. Naturally, it is better to connect both parts, the rubber and TPU, to soften the sole and extend its life, and this is a big part of what Monowrap® Frame Technology was designed to achieve.

The sole produced by the Monowrap® Frame Technology is a TPU torsion stabiliser, which sounds like language fit to describe mechanics in a vehicle (because it is), but it also denotes the ability of the product to resist rolling and twisting for better ankle and foot protection. This is chemically bonded to conventional nylon stabilisers during the injection moulding process with the foamed polyurethane forming the damping layer. This vastly reduces any possibility of an undesirable release of the stabiliser, which would often result in the chafing of the sole.

Three types of torque stabilisers based on TPU are distinguished by the degree of stiffness in the injected shoe or boot. The toughest is used for men’s boots, medium for lady’s ankle and men’s polo boots, the stabiliser with the lowest stiffness is used for ladies' shoes. Additionally, this technology allows the hardness of the sole to be easily adjusted. As previously mentioned, injection moulding offers a few avenues of flexibility for design and implementation.

Which LOWA Military Boots Are Made With Monowrap® Frame Technology?

The following LOWA military boots make use of the exclusive Monowrap® Frame Technology.

LOWA Zephyr

LOWA Zephyr Boots Banner

Lightweight and versatile, the LOWA Zephyr boot range is one of the Task Force Collection's most popular. In addition to being made using Monowrap® Frame Technology, LOWA Zephyr boots also feature CORDURA® fabric elements on their suede uppers and GORE-TEX® membrane linings to help improve their wearer’s comfort and keep their feet warm and dry.

LOWA Z-series

Introduced to build on the success of the LOWA Zephyr range, the LOWA Z-series is made up of the Z-6 and Z-8 military boots. As well as the Monowrap® Frame Technology, the LOWA Z-Series also incorporates medial sole wraps and heavy-duty lug patterns for increased stability and protection. These military and tactical boots are available with split leather or nubuck leather uppers, which is denoted by an ‘S’ or ‘N’ after the number in their name.

LOWA Innox

LOWA Innox Boot Banner

The LOWA Innox is an all-terrain combat boot designed for use all over the world. Lightweight, comfortable and supportive, these LOWA boots have Microfibre fabric uppers and utilise GORE-TEX® Pearl 3L Extended Comfort Footwear membranes to ensure their wearers are protected against water, wind and weather. In addition to the standard models, the LOWA Innox is also available as EN ISO 20345 S3 certified safety boot, complete with nubuck and CORDURA® fabric uppers, steel toe caps, and a penetration-resistant midsole.