LOWA Boot Care & Water-Repellent Set - Black Edition

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Designed by LOWA for use on black leather military boots and police boots, this LOWA Boot Care & Waterproofing Set will allow users to protect their LOWA boots and apply a water-repellent that doesn't negatively affect the breathability. Containing a 75ml bottle of LOWA Active Creme Black, a 125ml can of LOWA Water Stop Pro Spray and a LOWA Boots Care Brush, this set is perfect for LOWA boot owners or as a gift for somebody else who owns a pair. 

  • LOWA Active Creme Black - 75ml: Suitable for any boot so long as they are black, this highly developed PFC-free active cream should be applied at least once every 6 months to ensure the best possible results. Once applied, LOWA Active Creme keeps leather supple and prevents it from drying out and becoming brittle. Also suitable for climbing and hiking boots.
  • LOWA Water Stop Pro Spray - 125ml: Suitable for boots of any colour, LOWA Water Stop Pro Spray can be applied to any boot, leather or not, in order to create a hydrophobic layer that also repels oil and dirt. It's perfect for use on Military boots and the like, as leather boots lose their breathability when soaked and are unable to help regulate the temperature of their wearer's feet. LOWA Water Stop Pro should be used after a boot has been thoroughly cleaned and is still damp. Once applied, the Water Stop Pro treatment will take 24 hours to take effect. 
  • LOWA Boots Care Brush - A high-quality horsehair brush with a wooden body, the LOWA Boot Care Brush has been designed with ergonomic indentations so that it's more comfortable to grip. It's ideal for removing dirt, cleaning shoes, and working care products into the leather boots.

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