Introducing The Latest LOWA Safety Boots 2022

Designed to deliver comfort and protection in equal measures, the latest LOWA safety boots are both certified to EN ISO 20345 S3 specifications. Naturally hard wearing yet breathable, Lowa safety boots are built to perform at different temperatures and in challenging environments. Let’s take a closer look at the two latest safety boot models.

LOWA Seeker Work LX Pro GTX® S3 Safety Boots

Offering comprehensive protection, these LOWA safety boots feature steel toe caps that are capable of withstanding impacts of at least 200 joules and pressure loadings of at least 15 kilonewtons. We’ve chosen to use textile midsoles rather than steel midsoles, as these offer 100% foot coverage rather than 85%. 

The protective elements on these LOWA safety boots don’t stop there. The boot’s uppers are made from hydrophised suede which has undergone treatments to increase resilience and prolonged exposure to water. This provides enhanced protection against water penetration and absorption, reducing the need to use additional waterproofing sprays. 

As we mentioned a moment ago, LOWA safety boots prioritise comfort just as much as they do protection, and the LOWA Seeker boots have plenty of features that demonstrate this. One of these features is the full padded bellows tongue and collar padding. The tongue prevents dirt from getting into the boot, whilst the collar padding enhances stability and grip within the boot.  In addition to this, a Gore-Tex performance lining lets moisture escape whilst keeping water out, ensuring feet stay dry and comfortable, but are able to breathe. This is supported by the full length inlay sole that absorbs and releases moisture. 

LOWA put a lot of thought and innovation into their sole technology, as it’s so integral to supporting and providing protection for the feet. The LOWA Seeker boots feature a double-density rubber/PU LOWA Larrox Work sole with MONOWRAP®-technology.  This provides the high level of slip resistance that is essential for a safety boot. Built to withstand work in harsh environments, the outsole is resistant to temperatures as high as 200°C (and up to 300°C for short periods), and flexible at cold temperatures as low as -20° C.


LOWA Leandro Work LX Pro GTX® Mid S3 Safety Boot

The Leandro Work LX Pro is the next most recent addition to the LOWA safety boots collection. One of the most important and unique features of these safety boots is the padded upper edge that protects the Achilles tendon. This is supported by the full padded bellow tongue that prevents pressure marks, whilst also keeping dirt out of the boot. They’re also certified for use with orthopaedic inserts.

Like the LOWA Seeker boots, the LOWA Leandro boots also benefit from ergonomic steel toe caps and textile midsoles. This ensures the boots are resistant to penetration and can protect against impacts of 200 joules and pressure loadings of at least 15 kilonewtons. The addition of a TPU scuff cap enhances protection at the tip of the boot. 

With less well-crafted safety boots, some wearers may find themselves loosening the laces to make the boots more comfortable. The LOWA Leandros prioritise comfort to ensure that wearers won’t need to adjust the laces and potentially jeopardise their safety. The Gore-Tex performance comfort lining ensures feet can breathe, preventing sweat from accumulating and causing discomfort. Of course, the Gore-Tex also adds an extra layer of protection by keeping wind and water out. This comfort is enhanced by the padded upper edge and anti-static midsoles that we mentioned a moment ago. 

These particular LOWA safety boots also use the Larrox work sole. This is made using a combination of rubber and polyurethane and benefits from the use of MONOWRAP®-technology which enhances stability, protection and comfort. These soles have an exceptional level of slip-resistance and anti-static properties. Aside from being resistant to oil, fuel and a large range of chemicals, these LOWA safety boots are also temperature-resistant. Just like the LOWA Seeker boots, the Leandros are heat resistant to 200°C (or even 300°C for short periods) and will retain their flexibility in temperatures as low as -20°C. 


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