How To Stop Sweaty Feet In Work Boots & Reduce Foot Odour?

Sweaty feet are a common problem for people who work in boots all day. Aside from being uncomfortable and smelly, the build up of sweat can also cause fungus and bacteria to develop. If left untreated, this can cause itching, peeling and soreness, among conditions like  athlete’s foot. If you’re struggling with your feet sweating when wearing work boots all day, there are steps you can take to feel fresher and more comfortable. These are our top tips for how to stop sweaty feet in work boots:

Choose Breathable Work Boots…

The first step in how to stop sweaty feet in work boots is choosing boots that are lightweight and breathable, whilst meeting the necessary safety standards. If your footwear isn't breathable then sweat and moisture cannot escape, causing feet to sweat excessively and become odorous more easily. LOWA safety boots are made using Gore-Tex technology to prevent this and ensure that feet can breathe. Designed for those who work in strenuous conditions on their feet all day, the Gore-Tex lining used to make our work boots encourages airflow, by letting sweat escape and keeping moisture out.

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…And Breathable Socks 

The next step in how to stop sweaty feet in work boots is to be smart with your choice of socks. This is just as important as choosing the right boot. Look for socks with moisture wicking and anti-bacterial properties such as LOWA socks, which also feature specialist ventilation zones. Bridgedale’s Coolmax® liners feature moisture wicking fibres to combat the nasty effects of perspiration. As a general rule of thumb, avoid socks that are made of cotton, and instead go for socks made of Merino wool or polyester.

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Use Foot Powder

Foot powders can be very effective in helping to control odour and perspiration in work boots. Foot powders can be bought in pharmacies, as well as in some supermarkets and are intended to absorb excess moisture whilst reducing odours.It’s best to invest in more quality foot powders that actively work to break down perspiration. Cheap foot powders will simply mask foot odour rather than actually combatting the perspiration. Sprinkling a good quality powder on your feet before you put your socks on will help to keep you feeling fresher and more comfortable throughout the day. A combination of normal talc and mycota in resealable ziplock plastic bags so you can dip your feet into at the end of the day is a way of applying talc to your feet. Foot hygiene is a massive priority in the military.  

Use Insoles 

Another really useful tip for how to stop sweaty feet in work boots is using a moisture absorbent insole. Aside from providing extra shock absorption to help combat fatigue when working on your feet all day, cushioned inserts with climate control will help to wick moisture away from the feet. Combining this with breathable boots and socks will create a much more comfortable environment for your feet inside your work boots. 

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Keep Your Boots & Feet Clean 

Cleaning your work boots regularly is important for killing bacteria and preventing infection, as is making sure to keep your feet clean. It’s important to make sure that your feet are clean before and after putting your boots on in order to prevent itchiness and infection. Scrubbing them using an antibacterial soap will ensure pores are completely unclogged, whilst removing any bacteria caused by perspiration. 

Maximise Airflow

It might seem like an obvious point, however a crucial part of how to stop sweaty feet in work boots is taking them off as often as you can in order to allow feet to breathe. Make sure to take both your shoes and socks off when you get home, and allow feet to breathe in the open air for at least a couple of hours. It’s also important to make sure that you leave your boots out to dry every day in the open air, rather than putting them straight in a dark cupboard.

Stay Hydrated

One of the most important tips for how to stop sweaty feet in work boots that is often overlooked is staying hydrated. Keeping your body hydrated throughout the day is important for helping to keep your body cool in hot temperatures and therefore reducing sweating. This means that making sure to keep hydrated when at work, particularly when doing strenuous activities will help to reduce excessive sweating in your whole body, including the feet. 

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