How to Choose the Right Pair of Cadet Boots For Your Kids

If your child is part of a Combined Cadet Force (CCF) or is thinking of joining one, choosing the right pair of cadet boots will be one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. It might sound silly or hyperbolic but picking the right cadet boots really can make all the difference as the wrong pair could very easily sour what ought to be an engaging and rewarding experience that may very well turn into a lifelong career. 

To make sure you choose the right pair of cadet boots for your child, we’ve included a few factors that you ought to consider below.  


The first thing to consider is the purpose for which your child will be using the boots. They will wear them while taking part in cadet activities, of course, but what else? Do they take part in other outdoor activities such as hiking (think Duke of Edinburgh)? If so, you will want to look for mid or hi-boots that are lightweight, waterproof and breathable. If you foresee cadets is likely the only thing they will wear them for, hi-boots with steel-toe caps and reinforced soles will ensure that kids have adequate protection and look the part. 


As we’ve hopefully already made clear, the fit of cadet boots is crucial for comfort and performance. When look for boots, make sure you consider the socks your child will be wearing with them as you will want to ensure there is enough room in the toe box. Remember, toes should not touch the front of the boot and the heel should fit snugly so that there is no slipping or rubbing on the heel or ankle.


Ask anyone who has served and they will tell you that when it comes to military boots, comfort is key. Cadet boots may only be worn for an hour or two at a time most weeks, but weekend exercises and competitions do take place. Because of this, we recommend that you look for boots with cushioned insoles and breathable uppers so that your child can wear them for extended periods when required. 


It goes without saying that cadet boots need to be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of training and outdoor activities. You will want to look for boots with sturdy construction and durable soles, ideally made from materials such as leather or synthetic fabrics like Cordura.


The price of cadet boots range from tens of Pounds to hundreds, but it’s important to remember that quality boots are an investment. You may want to spend less on boots for younger children whose feet are still growing but if you’re after a pair for a mid-teen, it’s worth remembering that investing in a high-quality pair of cadet boots is not only beneficial for performance but also long-term foot health.


Choosing the right pair of cadet boots is crucial for optimal performance, comfort, and safety. By carefully weighing the factors mentioned above, you will ensure that you select the best pair of cadet boots that will meet your child’s needs and enhance their overall experience.