What is Cordura Fabric & How Is It Used In LOWA Boots?

The history behind CORDURA® fabric dates back to 1967, when it was first introduced as a nylon 6,6 based product after DuPont phased out ‘Super Cordura’ aa rayon fibre (used extensively in military tires during WWII). In the 1970s, the rugged fabric was discovered to be ideal for the growing outdoor market and became increasingly common in backpacks and similar outdoor products. By the early '80s, CORDURA® fabric was being used in a wide range of commercial applications; including military gear and footwear. Today it is used in many products that require a strong, sturdy fabric, including but by no means limited to luggage, athletic footwear and performance apparel, such as motorcycle gear, special forces clothing, and military boots.


A number of LOWA Boots make use of Cordura for the part of the boot known as the upper. A boot’s ‘upper’ refers to the fabric that surrounds the front of the foot, toes and the back of the heel, thereby taking equal responsibility as the outsole for protecting the wearer's feet. Unlike the outsole that has the luxury of being dense and flat, uppers need to be breathable and retain enough flexibility to wrap around the rounded shape of the front, top and back of the foot.

The high tensile strength of the CORDURA® nylon 6,6 fabric makes it incredibly tear-resistant (to the point of being almost tear-proof), an indispensable characteristic that enables uppers to last whilst fulfilling their purpose throughout the year. CORDURA® fabric used by LOWA is highly resistant to damage from abrasions and punctures, as well as being treated to be water and flame repellent. These features make CORDURA® fabric an ideal solution for LOWA boots, helping them to withstand all but the most extreme conditions one might ever find themselves in. In short, CORDURA® fabric is the material of choice when creating footwear uppers that will uncompromisingly protect the wearer's feet regardless of profession.


LOWA Boots With Cordura Fabric Uppers

LOWA Boots With Cordura Fabric Uppers

LOWA Phantom Work Safety Boots combine CORDURA® fabric with hydrophobized nubuck leather to create a waterproof outer layer with a slight velvet-like texture. The use of CORDURA® fabric is combined with GORE-TEX to allow these boots to be hard wearing and supportive, albeit completely metal free and easy to maintain. These boots are ideal for Police, Prison Service employees, Airport Security professionals and Military and Emergency Services personnel.

The LOWA Desert Elite Boot bares some similarities to this, however, nubuck is switched out so that suede leather can be combined with the CORDURA® fabric. These boots provide the user with an all-terrain, all-season Desert Boot and have proved to be popular among numerous firms and issued for operations predominately in Afghanistan.

LOWA Zephyr GTX® Lightweight Military Boots also combine suede leather and CORDURA® fabric in their lightweight tactical design. Thanks to the special solution-dyed nylon process which embeds colour at the fibre level available in certain CORDURA® fabrics, the LOWA Task Force Zephyr range also includes Black, Desert, and Coyote OP coloured military and police boots.

CORDURA® is a trademark of INVISTA for durable fabric.