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Celebrating 25 Years Of LOWA Renegade! How Has It Evolved?

This month marks the 25th birthday of the classic LOWA Renegade tactical boot! With this in mind, now seems like the perfect time to reflect on how the boot has evolved over the past 25 years into the popular, multifunctional boot that it is today. 

At LOWA, we’re always looking to lead the latest innovations in footwear technology, and to develop our processes in order to keep improving our products. So, as our technology has become more advanced so too has the quality and performance of the boots we are able to produce. This is how we’ve evolved the LOWA Renegade since its birth 25 years ago. 

Building on the properties that make the original LOWA Renegade so popular, the Renegade II  amplifies the boot’s existing properties, incorporating new and improved features to make an even more versatile and reliable boot. 

                                                    LOWA Renegade II on a white background

What’s  so special about the LOWA Renegade II? 

This durable, multifunctional boot stands out due to the following properties:

Durable, Full-Grain Leather Uppers: The uppers on the LOWA Renegade II are made using full-grain leather that is highly durable against damage, whilst providing a level of flexibility that ensures feet are kept comfortable at all times.

Gore-Tex® Lining:  An advanced Gore-Tex® lining keeps water out of the boot, whilst allowing sweat and moisture to escape so that feet can breathe. This is essential for preventing the feet  from rubbing, or experiencing discomfort. It also makes the LOWA Renegade practical for use in all weather conditions.

Joint-Stabilising Mechanism: The wearer’s ankle is supported by a sturdy joint-stabilising feature that supports the sole and heel, whilst preventing the ankle from rolling when walking over uneven terrain.

Enhanced Grip On LOWA Patrol Sole: A raised sole support frame improves grip and comfort in rugged terrain, whilst the outsoles are oil-resistant and anti-static resistant to improve stability in all outdoor environments.

Energy-Absorbing Heels: Keeping your feet protected at all times, energy absorbing heels prevent discomfort whilst helping to reduce fatigue when exercising over long periods of time. 

Certified Working Boot: The LOWA Renegade II is fully certified according to CE EN ISO 20347:2012.

Temperature-Resistant: The uppers on this high-performance boot are insulated to provide protection against temperatures as low as -20°C and as high as 150°C. This makes them versatile and reliable for use in a range of climates.

Multifunctional: One of the main benefits of the LOWA Renegade II is its versatility. Our LOWA Renegade GTX boot is relied upon by police, security, military, security professionals and emergency services personnel across the globe. However, it’s equally well loved by hikers, backpackers and trekkers.

The LOWA Renegade II is available in both men’s and women’s sizing, with each being specially crafted to suit the individual shape of male and  female feet respectively. 

The Renegade II isn’t the only LOWA Renegade to have evolved over the past 25 years. The LOWA Renegade Work GTX®  S3 CI Safety Boots are relied upon by hard working professionals in a variety of industries including road construction, automobile manufacturing and aircraft construction. Certified as S3 safety footwear under European Standard EN ISO 20345:2011, these high performance safety boots are made using a range of innovative features to provide protection and comfort. These include:

  • Vibram® rubber outsoles with MONOWRAP® technology for enhanced grip
  • Steel toecaps and non-metallic protective midsoles
  • PU midsoles that are heat-resistant to temperatures up to approximately 200°C, and flexible at temperatures as low as –20°C, making them perfect for use in extreme conditions
  • GORE-TEX® linings to keep water out whilst allowing feet to breathe
  • Hydrophobized nubuck leather uppers
  • Collar padding for enhanced comfort and grip 

                                                             LOWA Renegade Work GTX®  S3 CI Safety Boots on a white background                                                                                       

For further guidance on finding the perfect LOWA boot to suit your requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling +44 (0)1752 344355 or emailing [email protected]