How To Care For Leather Boots

Caring for full-grain leather boots properly can be time-consuming, especially compared to how long it takes to maintain other types of shoes. Having said that, the time and effort required is undoubtedly rewarding in the long run. A good, sturdy pair of leather boots are designed to be put through the ringer; facing off against dirt, thick mud, hiking along uneven ground, and even heavy downpours of rain.

All of this will eat away at and wear down the leather over time, especially if they are not cleaned and dried thoroughly shortly after use. Allowing these damaging factors to compound and accumulate will cause leather boots to crack, severely reducing their lifespan and the protection they’re able to afford.

Full-Grain Leather Boot Care

Although full-grain leather boots are extremely durable, they will still fade, scuff and stain like any other shoe. Fortunately, these issues are easily remedied and don’t have to have any lasting effect on either a boot’s aesthetic qualities or performance. The best method to thoroughly clean your leather boots and prevent damage is to follow the 5 easy steps below:

  1. Whilst the leather boots are dry, use a soft brush to remove any loose dirt.
  2. Get a clean cloth and dampen it with soapy water. Ensure that all the water has been ringed out of the cloth so that it isn’t wet. Wipe over the leather boot to remove any dirt that is left.
  3. Using a different cloth, dampen this one with only water, and remove the soap from the boot. Slightly dry off the boot using a towel.
  4. It’s important to condition the leather once you have washed it as this will protect it from any further stains and add a glossy finish. Once you have applied the conditioning cream, leave it to sit for about 15 minutes then buff with a soft cloth until shiny.
  5. Leave the boots to fully dry. Do not try and speed up this process by placing near a heater or using a hair dryer as this will only cause further damage. They are best left in room temperature until fully dry.

LOWA Leather Boot Care Products

LOWA have been producing leather military and tactical boots for almost 100 years, and know how important proper leather care is to a boot's overall lifespan. To this end, LOWA has produced a range of convenient leather boot and shoe care products that are designed to ensure a boot's longevity and protect their aesthetic qualities.  

LOWA Boot Care Product Range

LOWA Active Cream Neutral

Leather boots and shoes are extremely durable and long-lasting, however, in order to get the most wear out of your footwear, it is recommended that you coat them in a waterproofer to protect the leather whilst still allowing the membrane to breathe. By applying the LOWA Active Cream Neutral you not only achieve this but also minimise how often they will require a deeper clean.

This multi-use neutral shoe cream easily adapts to any colour shoe or boot, making this the perfect staple shoe care product. Whilst the LOWA Active Cream is designed predominantly for leather boots, it can be used to extend the life of any of your shoes and boots.

It is advised that you treat your boots at least every 6 months. However, if they are under a lot of stress and are worn often, then it is best to clean them more frequently and reapply the protector as it too can get worn down and become less effective.

LOWA Active Cream Black Edition

Although specifically designed for black leather boots in the Task Force Collection, LOWA’s Active Cream Black Edition is also perfect for extending the life of any other material shoes. This black shoe cream will protect your footwear from any weather conditions whilst adding a glossy shine keeping the leather looking healthy and nourished.

Leather is extremely durable and can last for many years if carefully looked after, therefore applying a protector is a vital step to looking after your leather boots. It is recommended you treat your boots every 6 months, however, if they are put through a lot of constant wear and stress, it is best to fully clean and protect them more frequently. To apply the protector, you should put an even layer all over the leather using the applicator provided and leave to set.

LOWA Water Stop Pro Spray

LOWA Water Stop Pro Spray is designed for all colours of leather and other textile boots. It creates a repellent layer against water, dirt and oil which will protect the leather and increase its lifespan. Whilst protecting the boots, it also acts as a conditioner to stop the leather drying out whilst still allowing finer leathers to breathe.

You should thoroughly clean your boots before spraying the LOWA Water Stop Pro Spray; when leather is damp the pores open up, allowing the spray to penetrate deeper into the leather for a longer lasting protection.

It is recommended that leather is treated often as the protection can wear off over time and start to break down the leather. If your boots get particularly soaked, it is best to wash them then reapply the spray in order to prevent any further damage.