6 Factors To Consider When Choosing Military Boots For Women

You need to be able to rely on your military boots in any environment, whatever the weather, which makes choosing the right pair a really important decision. Comfort, practicality and durability are key factors to prioritise when choosing the perfect women’s military boots. In order to help you choose the perfect military boots for women to suit your requirements, make sure to consider the following factors:


When working in the harshest of terrains, it’s essential that your boots can provide the continued support and protection that you need. All of LOWA’s military boots for women are made using LOWA’s production methods that they’ve been advancing for nearly a century. This includes an exclusive spray-on glueing process, board lasting or slip lasting production methods, and the use of specialist technologies such as PU Monowrap® technology. This goes alongside the selection of the most durable materials like full grain leather, suede, nubuck and Cordura. 

Shape & Fit

When choosing military boots for women make sure they’ve been designed specifically to suit female feet. The anatomy of women’s feet is different to men’s feet which is why LOWA uses specialist production processes and design considerations to make their military boots for women. The midsoles in LOWA’s women’s military boots are specifically designed to fit the size of women’s feet in order to enhance comfort. Specialist lasts are used in order to account for the contour of female feet (specifically the instep height and ball area). 

Comfort & Support

Comfort goes hand in hand with choosing a women’s military boot that is the perfect shape and fit, however there are other key comfort factors to be aware of too. The comfort of the sole is key - many LOWA boots use PU cushioned midsoles to enhance comfort and shock absorption. Ankle support is a must for preventing the ankle twisting or rolling, particularly when walking over uneven terrain. 

Flexibility & Weight

How versatile do you need your military boots to be? Hybrid designs like the LOWA Z8N are lightweight and equally well suited to tactical missions as outdoor hobbies like hiking. Alternatively, you may prefer a more traditional Combat Boot made from full grain leather - the strongest leather out there.These are all important considerations to make when choosing the right boots for you. Either way, it’s important that the boot is lightweight to ensure comfort is maximised and that you can perform at your best. 


Stability & Grip 

It’s essential that your military boots make you feel stable on your feet, particularly if you’re going to be using them in wet or icy conditions. Designed to provide exceptional levels of grip, all LOWA military boots for women feature specialist sole units. For example, the Vibram® “Tsavo” soles on the women’s Mountain Boots have a self-cleaning profile and feature an angled heel design to enhance traction. Another example of LOWA’s sole technology is the “Cross” sole use on the women’s Zephyr GTX® Boot which features a specially designed tread to provide grip on a variety of surfaces, both urban and cross-country.


Waterproof Properties

Depending on the environment you’re heading into, you’re likely to need a boot that is waterproof. With this in mind, most of the LOWA military boots for women feature Gore-Tex® technology. This prevents water from getting into the boot, whilst allowing sweat and moisture to escape. This ensures that the wearer’s feet are kept cool, dry and comfortable in varying weather conditions and terrains. 

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